Friday, February 19, 2010

One of my favorite Moo ka-tats.

somebody asked me which moo ka-tat is my favorite in bangkok. actually, there are 2. but only one of them has a website.

the following is the website... the wording is in thai. so you will need to use the google translator to understand what is written if you do not know thai.
Family BBQ Group Moo Ka-tats

according to the website, there are 4 branches. personally, I've been to 2 of them. the one in rachada and the one in petchaburi. BOTH are good.

the one in rachada is next to the "huai kwang" MRT stop. the one in petchaburi is next to the "petchaburi" MRT stop.
map of MRT

basically, the family bbq group of moo ka-tats have 2 tier prices. the regular menu goes for 109 baht. the special seafood menu goes for 199 baht.

the staff will ask you which menu you wish to pay for. if this is all confusing, just go with the special seafood menu for the first few times going to these moo ka-tats.

drinks are NOT included. so, be careful. beer and liquor can double the bill easily. I usually go for water or soft drinks. water is like 40 baht a bottle. soft drinks are 80 baht per liter bottles. ice is 40 baht a bucket.

a typical outing for me is the regular menu, 1 bottle of water, 1 bucket of ice. cost-wise that is 109 baht+40 baht+40 baht=190 baht. thats about 6 usa dollars.

mind you, this buffet is all-you-can-eat, and you can stay as long as they are open. from 5:30pm to 11:30pm.

what a deal!!!

UPDATE: July 23, 2012 - THEY CLOSED DOWN LAST WEEK!!!  I have to find another moo ka-tat to call my favorite now.  UGH!


Anonymous said...

BB - thanks for that great information.

All-u-can-eat --- what a deal !

Anonymous said...

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